Come play with us!

A play street is a neighborhood block that residents apply to temporarily close to car traffic and transform into a place where neighbors of all ages are free to gather and play in their favorite ways.

Ready for your own Play Street?

Play streets are typically one day, lasting 4 – 8 hours, and can occur on a regular basis (e.g. weekly, monthly). Play streets are already a fun and important part of daily life in U.S. cities -- like New York City, San Francisco, and Seattle -- and internationally in Denmark and the UK. We want to bring the same fun and opportunity to our city!

Play streets are…

Did you know?

Parks are often the most common public spaces for play in our city, but only 30% of all Los Angeles residents are within walking distance to one? Play Streets is on a mission to change that. Play Streets give you and your neighbors new places for walking, biking, and play of all kinds, while making your community safer and healthier in the process.


Play Rejuvenates!

It helps our minds and bodies recuperate, and helps us build new skills, friendships, and healthy habits. Play can be organized (like a soccer game), or free-form (like wiggling), or anything in between. The best part is, play isn’t just for kids - it’s for all Angelenos!