How Play Happens

Play Streets offers a fun and low-cost way for you and your neighbors to transform your street into a place for all ages to play in their favorite ways. If you and your neighbors follow our simple application process, we'll bring the fun straight to your door step!

How does play happen on Play Streets?

We'll bring a collection of objects to ignite play on your street.

With help from residents like you, we created a Play Streets Box of Play (The B.O.P.) that contains things people of all ages will get excited about. Some elements you might recognize, and others might come to life with your imagination! When added to the street, these elements will set the stage for you and your neighbors to rediscover your street as a place to play, have conversations, relax, and have fun.

Foundation for Fun

To make sure the Box of Play has something for everyone to enjoy and is able to transform streets into a space as welcoming as any park, playground or backyard; we were guided by three principles to form a foundation for fun:

Play is in the eye of the beholder
Depending on who you ask; a stick can be anything from a magic wand to material for building a birdhouse. Making it easy to reimagine, move, or change objects in as many ways as people can dream up increases creativity, discovery, and fun.

Free your mind and the rest will follow
Changing the way a street looks, sounds, and feels, changes the activities and interactions happening on the street too.

Greater than the Sum of Its Parts
Many things - like peanut butter, jelly, and bread - are great on their own, but when combined create something new and exciting. Designing elements that are fun and useable on their own, but can be easily combined and rearranged to transform into something new creates endless playful experiences.

Ready to apply?

Individual residents and non-profit organizations can apply for a Play Street today!