Apply for a Play Street

Follow these simple steps to prepare your Play Streets application! You’ll need to collect some information before applying. We’re here to help, so let us know if you have trouble along the way!


Confirm you live in one of the pilot neighborhoods of Koreatown or Boyle Heights.

 For now, Play Streets events can be located in the neighborhoods of Koreatown or Boyle Heights. While we’re testing out the program we’re focusing in just a couple of places, but our goal is to expand to other neighborhoods across the city.


Choose a street.

 Use the map to find out what streets are eligible for a Play Street during the pilot phase. Play Streets can only be one-block in length.


Pick a date and time for your Play Streets event.

Your date must be 6 weeks from the time you submit your application


Get your neighbors onboard by signing the petition.

You'll need 51% of all the households on the street to agree to the event in order to submit your application. Download the petition form here.

If there are apartment buildings on your street, try to find the building manager to sign off for the entire building.


Find someone on the street to be the Street Supporter.

The Street Supporter must live on the street and is responsible for giving their contact information and signing the petition.

Now You're Ready to Apply!

(Applications must be submitted a minimum of 6 weeks before the proposed event date)

Want to submit a printed application?
Download here!

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