Public Space, Parks, Play Streets - What’s the difference?

What is a public space?

Public spaces can take on many different forms, such as streets, parks, or plazas. The most important thing about them are that anyone can come in and out, and is free to join.

What is a Park?

A park is just one type of public space that serves the recreation needs of residents of a city, state, or nation. Parks are usually removed the streets and have clear boundaries. They come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and offer a range of activities, from running trails and basketball courts to grassy lawns and picnic tables.

What is a Play Street?

A Play Street is a fun mix of both a park and a public space! Play Streets create clear boundaries and provide a range of activities for recreation, like a park, and are free and open to everyone, like a public space. The rest is up to you!